11 October 2015

Paris 2015: Eugène Dabit, Cimetière du Père-Lachaise #4

1898 – 1936'
Working-class writer Eugène Dabit, thanks to loans from his uncles, was able to move with his parents into Hôtel du Nord at 102 quai de Jemmapes in Paris (10ème) at the edge of the canal Saint-Martin. In 1931 he received a prize of 5000 francs for the 'roman populiste' L'Hôtel du Nord. In 1936, at the invitation of André Gide, Dabit went on a literary journey to the USSR with, apart from Gide, Jef Last, Louis Guilloux, Jacques Schiffrin and Pierre Herbart. He died of scarlet fever in Sebastapol. Gide wrote Retour de l'U.R.S.S., published the same year, and dedicated it to Dabit.

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