6 November 2013

Henri Chassin: Père Lachaise Columbarium #7

Henri Chassin (1887–1964) was a poet, a singer, an anti-militarist and an anarchist who as a teenager met such people as Xavier Privas. He refused to fight in World War I, deserted, was apprehended, sent to a disciplinary unit in Africa, escaped three times, and was eventually put in a psychiatric hospital.

After the war ended Chassin was released and became a railway worker, but taking part in a huge strike led to his dismissal. He continued his studies, gained a degree in law, and for nearly thirty years worked at Dunlop as a legal representative.

While he was doing this legal work though, Chasson had a parallel career as a singer in Montmartre night spots. In 1927 he published Machin de Belleville, a collection of his poetry.

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