6 November 2013

Henri and Gérard Baüer: Cimetière de Charonne #2

Henri Baüer (1851–1915) was a writer, critic and journalist and the son of Alexandre Dumas fils. He was a communard officer who took part in the semaine sanglant at the end of May 1871 and as a result was exiled to New Caledonia for seven years.
On his return to Paris he wrote for the conservative Écho de Paris, becoming an influential drama critic. He strongly supported the naturalist theatre, was a Dreyfusard, and was the only critic to support Alfred Jarry in the Ubu Roi scandal. He left l'Écho de Paris in 1898.

Gérard Bauer (1888–1967) was Henri's son and Dumas fils's grandson. He too worked for l'Écho de Paris (for a much longer period than his father), and published five volumes of chronicles, a novel and a short comedy.

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