14 April 2013

Wanganui Old and New

Wanganui (or Whanganui) is 193 kilometres north of Wellington, and on the river of the same name. It is noted for its art deco buildings, of which this cinema on Victoria Avenue is an excellent example.
Andersons store with the W. H. Watt fountain on the left.
The fountain was erected in 1881 at this
intersection as a mark of appreciation by the
citizens to W. H. Watt, early settler, Merchant,
and First Mayor of the Borough for the use of
Westmere Lake as a town water supply.
When the Tramway system was installed in
1908 the fountain was removed and stood for many years
in Queens Park.
It was relocated here in 1993.'
I doubt that this is used much, if at all.
The 2011 Bearing sculpture by David McCracken makes an impressive new addition to the sights of the town here at the side of the river.
David Clifford's Balancing Act. I like the title of the Wanganui Chronicle's article on this: 'Pencil Artwork Takes Lead in Competition'.
And although this on first appearances might be mistaken for a work of art, it is a course a pooper-scooper.

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