4 April 2013

Dyslexia Discovery Exhibit, Christchurch, New Zealand

This striking bronze sculpture exhibit, titled 'Inner Struggle', is in a former villa car park in Worcester Boulevard opposite the Arts Centre, and was commissioned by the Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand.
It depicts a young girl reading.
Words fly out of the book in a long stream, floating through the air.
'Whycan'tIgetit whycan'tIremember [...]
Iamtryinghard', etc.
Letters and words meld in confusion, and yet the central message is challenging, and something quite new to me:
'"Inner Struggle"
by Richard Taylor
& Weta Workshop
Celebrating the
of the
Well, I didn't intend attempting to reproduce the typesetting, but the idea is what's important: dyslexia is seen as a creative gift rather than a disability.

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