7 April 2013

Steampunk HQ, Oamaru, New Zealand

Blue penguins are big in Oamaru, although it would be a serious mistake to neglect the importance of Janet Frame's early life here, the historical district, and the recent colourful attraction of the Steampunk HQ on the edge of the historical district. It was created Brian de Geest, Don Paterson and Jac Grenfell, and the images below give an idea of the ethos of steampunk, such as Engine SPHQ001 and its skeletal driver, the airship, etc:

Finally, I include an irrelevant photo from a train platform in Oamaru, partly because I really feel the need to put it somewhere because I like it so much, and partly because, in a way, this photo reminds me of the movie High Noon (which is probably equally irrelevant but it's interesting to make comparisons all the same):

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