4 August 2019

Robert Vasseur's Maison de la Vaisselle Cassée, Louviers, Eure (27)

Unfortunately, La Maison de la Vaisselle Cassée (called the House of Broken Crockery in English) wasn't open at one of the times I'd seen it advertised as being open at, so I just had to make do with what I saw from the outside, which was nevertheless very fruitful. Robert Vasseur (1908 - 2002) was a milkman whose passion was to accumulate reclaimed broken crockery, glass, shells, etc, and cover the walls of his house with mosaics formed from them. The idea came to him by chance, and in 1952 he began working on his kitchen, and, impressed by the result, continued on other rooms in his house, the garage, the garden, even the dog kennel. He asked a dustman friend to help him in supplying the basic substances for his work. There are two butterflies on the wall of his house, representing his CB code name 'Papillon 27'. Here are a number of images I found:

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