19 July 2019

The Frogs of Stockport, Manchester (UK)

I could hardly believe it when I arrived in Stockport: there were frogs all over! Giant ones! An odd feeling came over me when I thought back to going round Hull after all the toads celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of Philip Larkin's death here. And then there were the bears of Cherokee, North Carolina here, and the horses of Aiken, South Carolina here: yes, this was another must. Of course, this is the town with Robinson's regional brewery, so hopping is important here, but the frog leaflet says that the animals are a celebration of 'all the great changes that are taking place in Stockport', and that each frog is sponsored by a local business. The frogs live here from 29 June 2019 until 28 September.

1. Nexphibian. Connectivity near the town hall.

2. Golding. Named after the hop used in Unicorn beer.

3. KermIT. 'One dapper digital dude'.

 4. Cornelius. In pyjamas and ready for bed at Holiday Inn.

5. Prince Regent. Close to Regent House.

6. Ferdinand. In Mersey Square.

7. Robert. In all his multicolour.

8. BUSter. So the 192 route has had an album in honour of the route?

9. Mrs Mersey - the Happy Shopper.

10. This Little Guiding Frog of Mine. Girl-guiding, that is, in Suffragette Square.

11. Sir Lovealot. Designed by the pupils of St Thomas Primary School.

12. Chemit. 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table.

13. Midas. The gold gives it away, perhaps.

14. Sir Norman Frogster. Not to be confused with architect Sir Norman Foster.

15. This Little Froggy Went to Market. Well, what else in the Market Place?

16. Strawberry Fields. Stockport is home to Strawberry Studios of Joy Division fame.

17. Fanatical Frog. Apparently 'wearing some of Stockport's fabulous and iconic landmarks'.

18. Sir Hopaslot. 'Fresh from his starring role in the sequel to Wind in the Willows'.

19. Edgeleap. Something to do with sport.

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