7 November 2016

Cimetière du Père-Lachaise (continued): #28: Marthe Allard Daudet | Philippe Daudet

7 JANVIER 1909
24 NOVEMBRE 1923'

The young anarchist Philippe Daudet, son of the extreme right-winger Léon Daudet  and grandson of Alphonse Daudet, was tragically killed in Paris in a taxi with a bullet through his head. He had run away from his parents again, and the official story was that it was suicide, as he had procured a revolver. According to his father, though, it was assassination, and it was anarchists who were to blame. Léon made a bit of a fool of himself by writing accusations which included just about everyone, including the state and the taxi driver.

9 MAI 1878
26 AVRIL 1960'

Also buried here is Marthe Allard Daudet, the mother of Philippe. Like her husband, she also wrote for the anti-Semitic paper L'Action française, only she wrote recipes under the pseudonym Pampille. She is most noted for her book Les bons plats de France (1913), and was an inspiration behind the creation of the character the Duchesse des Guermantes by Proust, who mentions her 'recettes incomparables'.

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