31 May 2018

Wasted Rock Rangers in Folkestone, Kent

Now, anyone who even considered that Folkestone, Kent, UK, is a dull place deserves a very good talking to. There we were in Folkestone yesterday and suddenly noticed this, er, English Heritage plaque to the 'legendary' Wasted Rock Rangers. 'Who?' I thought, but then I did the Google and discovered (I think) that Wasted Rock Rangers, in a previous incarnation, were known as Hotel Bill and the Incidentals. They also, I should have remembered, released an album called Fuck Christmas. Ah, that Wasted Rock Rangers! For the uninitiated, the plaque reads:

Rock 'n' Roll band
Performed at this venue on 26th April 2013
The first WRR gig to feature
the classsic line-up of
Joe Ranger, Shaun Ranger,
Ken Ranger, River Vegas
& Jim Cassidy'

So now you know.

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