14 May 2018

Elizabeth Penrose in East Markham, Nottinghamshire

East Markham parish church, Nottinghamshire.

One of the south aisle windows, this one dedicated to the author Elizabeth Penrose.

'This window was rebuilt
Ao. Dni. 1885
To the Honour of GOD
and in memory of Eliza Daughter
of Edmund Cartwright. D.D.'

'For many of her earlier years
resident in this Parish,
and afterwards wife
of the Reverend
John Penrose M.A.'

'She was authoress
of Mrs Markham’s History
of England etc
and was buried in
Lincoln Minster in 1837'

Elizabeth Penrose (1780–1837), née Cartwright, wrote under the pseudonym Mrs Markham, after the village where she spent her youth. Her History of England was published in 1865. Among other books, she also wrote A History of Germany from its Invasion by Marius to the year 1850 (1853), and more than one edition of A History of France.

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