1 September 2017

Charles Dallery in Amiens, Somme (80)

Le square Montplaisir, Amiens. Charles Dallery (1754–1835), born in Amiens, was essentially an inventor of things mechanical. The son of an organ maker, he followed in his father's footsteps by making organs himself and repaired the organs for Amien's Notre-Dame cathedral. He also made high precision clocks and improved the functioning of the harp, although he wasn't recognised for it.

In 1780 he invented a steam machine with a tubular boiler. In 1803 he took out a patent as the first person to use a propellor on a steam ship.

However, his attempts to introduce a windmill with horizontally turning sails, according to his Wikipédia entry, resulted in him being nicknamed 'moulin de la folie', and the 'mad' and obviously severely wounded Dallery leaving Amiens for good. Dallery died in Jouy-en-Josas, where he is buried.

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