16 July 2016

Alphonse Daudet in Fontvieille (13) again

'Le Mas de l'Arlésienne', with attached restaurant. Well...  Mas is a local word for a farm and house, and' L'Arlésienne' is a fictional character  in Daudet's Lettres de mon moulin (Lettres from my Windmill) based on a true story Frédéric Mistral told him about a nephew of his. A different theatrical version of the story exists.

Daudet is so big in little Fontvieille that even the church milks his work, and a plaque mentions the fact that the first version of his 'Le secret de Maître Cornille' (also in Lettres de mon moulin) speaks of the revolutionary and anti-clerical Jean Coste, but that in the 'definitive text' the church is the centre of social life.

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