12 September 2014

Alphonse Allais, 8th arrondissement, Paris

'Si en 1900
Alphonse Allais
a, par erreur, habité en face : 24 rue Royale
c'est ici que son esprit demeure.'

'If in 1900
Alphonse Allais
by mistake, lived opposite – 24 rue Royal  
it is here that his spirit lies.'

In a tourist-infested area of Paris – between the Place de la Concorde and the Place de la Madeleine – there is a healing hint of the wonderful craziness of Alphonse Allais from this plaque erected by the Académie Alphonse Allais. Unfortunately the plaque is largely hidden behind a palm and I think I've done quite well to get this shot of it. And yes, it's on 25 rue Royale, the beginning of 'Le Village Royal', immediately opposite 24, where he of course actually lived.

A longer post I made on Allais is here.

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