30 December 2013

What La Quenelle Means | La Signification de la quenelle

There seems to be some ambiguity concerning Nicolas Anelka's quenelle gesture, which he claimed was simply a tribute towards his friend Dieudonné M'bala M'bala (who seems to be more of an extreme rightwing politician than a comedian these days). The 'La Quenelle' link below is fully titled 'Pour ceux qui prétendent que la quenelle n'est pas un geste antisémite ...' ('For those who claim that the quenelle isn't an anti-Semitic gesture...'), and shows a large number of disturbing images of different people who appear to see no ambiguity at all in la quenelle.

I note that the highly respected French daily newspaper Le Monde published two brief paragraphs online a few hours ago. It reports that today, French magistrates are opening preliminary investigations into Dieudonné's 'incitement to racial hatred'. One France 2 report this month, for instance, showed Dieudonné saying of the France Inter journalist Patrick Cohen: 'Quand je l'entends parler, Patrick Cohen, je me dis, tu vois, les chambres à gaz... Dommage': 'When I hear him speak, Patrick Cohen, I say to myself, you know, the gas chambers... Pity.'

La Quenelle


willycat said...

Don't believe french medias !

Dr Tony Shaw said...

Ce qui veut quoi exactement ? Que Dieudo est pas antisémite ? Pas possible !