24 July 2013

Other Sculptures in Worthington Park, Sale, Greater Manchester

Worthington Park, Sale, where there are several chainsaw wood sculptures by Tim Burgess. This is called 'The Wizard', and was created from a tree stump in 2008.
This one is 'Snail Bench' and includes a snail trail that I missed.
I couldn't see any details for this sculpture.
Here again, there were no details.
'The Worthington Park Lions' were unveiled in 2006, although the name of the artist is not mentioned.
Finally, the park's newest (June 2013) acquisition is an obelisk in the sunken garden inscribed 'Companionship is to the soul / As sun is to the garden'. I've no idea of the origin of this quotation and I'd probably be doing the author an injustice if I suggested Patience Strong, but the sculpture was put here by the Cyril Flint Volunteers, a charity whose purpose is to befriend lonely elderly people.

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