2 July 2013

Frank Hampson in Audenshaw

488 Audenshaw Road, Audenshaw.

Born at this house, Frank Hampson is famous
for creating the world renowned cartoon strip
science fiction character Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future,
whose world he invented, wrote about and drew.
Dan Dare appeared in the Eagle magazine,
launched on 14th April 1950.
Frank died in Epsom, where he had resided
for many years drawing Dan Dare and
other creations.
Unveiled on 2nd November 2001
by Peter Hampson.'

Hampson's family moved to Southport a few months after his birth. He married Dorothy in 1944 and won a Southport poster competition advertising the town.

Marcus Morris, a local vicar, wanted someone to illustrate a monthly Christian magazine he intended to publish, and had deep concerns about the influence of American horror comics on British youth. Morris set Hampson on full time, and the Eagle was created in Hampson's council house in Southport and published by Hulton's in 1950.

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