12 May 2013

Ammon Wrigley in Uppermill, Saddleworth

This is the impressive setting for Ammon Wrigley's statue in High Street, Uppermill, Saddleworth.*
James Collins's bronze statue on a concrete pedestal was erected in Uppermill High Street in 1991. It shows the poet Ammon Wrigley in his noted flat cap and open coat on the moors he loved to walk. There were objections raised that the concrete base wasn't in keeping with local stone, and that the statue was a little removed from the remote country he loved; on the first issue, concrete was used as a secure base, and on the second, it is doubtful that many people would know of the existence of Ammon Wrigley today if his statue had been, say, in as obscure a spot as the Ammon Wrigley Memorial, which is near the Dinner Stone overlooking Castleshaw: Wrigley's ashes, according to his wishes, were scattered there.

I didn't attempt to find the memorial as yesterday (when we went to Uppermill) the weather was awful, although I found the book I was looking for in the tourist information office next to the car park at the side of the statue: With Ammon Wrigley in Saddleworth, by Sam Seville ([Saddleworth]: Saddleworth Historical Society, c. 1984). Seville was Wrigley's son-in-law, married to his daughter Amy. More posts on Ammon Wrigley will follow in due course.
*Saddleworth is the name of a collection of villages and hamlets in the metropolitan borough of Oldham, of which Uppermill is the biggest.


Car-Driver-Blog-UK said...

Dr Shaw,
Lots of info on Ammon.
I collect his books and have some very rare un-published letters, which are wonderful.
Keep in touch
Mr Darron Wrigley

Dr Tony Shaw said...

That is very interesting, Darron, especially the unpublished material. For the moment though, can you tell me exactly how to get to the Ammon Wrigley memorial, Standedge?I know it's only reachable so far by car, but I wouldn't know how to begin to walk to it.



ChrisJB said...

Good to see anything online concerning Ammon Wrigley. I've been a fan and have been collecting anything to with him for years.