23 April 2012

John Goodyer and John Worlidge in Petersfield, Hampshire: Petersfield Plaques #4 & #5

Worcester House, Dragon Street. The adjoining wall (a part of which can be seen to the right) is the original garden wall.

'Birthplace and
residence of John Worlidge
(1633–1693), whose books on
progressive agriculture and
horticulture formed the basis of the
English agricultural revolution.
His Systema Agriculturae of 1669
was based on his experiments
in the adjoining garden.'

28 The Spain, whose most famous occupant introduced the Jerusalem artichoke to this country.

Botanist & Royalist
Lived Here'

The two men, one noted in horticulture and the other botany, were also linked by blood: Goodyer was Worlidge's great-uncle. Much more recently, another link between the two men has been made.

In 1988 Major John Bowen gave his garden in the town to the Hampshire Garden Trust, which – with an eye to the town's two 17th century sons – took the 17th century as a theme and strove to recreate a town garden of that era. So 'Petersfield Physic Garden' was born.

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