31 May 2011

Inman Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Inman Square is in Cambridge, but away from the center, and describes the area around the junction between Inman, Cambridge, and Hampshire Streets.

Ryle's is on Hampshire Street, and is mentioned several times in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, notably by this quotation:

'Ryle's Jazz Club's upscale pub-type bar, guys in tweed caps and briar pipes in mouths at angles taking all day on a pint of warm stout.'

There's another of these Bukowski Tavern dive bars (which are affectionately known as 'Buk's') in Boston, but this is on Cambridge Street and is everything you might expect with a name like this. Shame about the cars in the way, though.

Lorem Ipsum Books, also on Cambridge Street, has the right idea by telling people to read instead of watching TV.

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