20 February 2008

Lionel Britton and the Contemporary Press

The following links are to recent newspaper articles or letters about Lionel Britton:

'Family Helped Make the Town' by Robert Hughes
Redditch Advertiser 6 February 2008
reproduced in
Bromsgrove Advertiser 6 February 2008
Kidderminster Shuttle 6 February 2008
(Interestingly, Edward Parry published the first book of poems by Lionel Britton's uncle, Herbert E. Britton – The Visions of a Dreamer – in 1912 at the offices of the Kidderminster Shuttle.)

'Bizarre Writer's Work Inspired Orwell' by Andy Smart
Nottingham Evening Post 2 February 2008
(now off line)

'"Bizarre" Work and Life of Town Author' by Ben Russell
Redditch Advertiser 2 January 2008
reproduced (without the photo of Britton) in
Worcester News 2 January 2008
Evesham Journal 2 January 2008
Malvern Gazette 2 January 2008
Droitwich Advertiser 2 January 2008

'On the Trail of a Lost Genius' by Gerald Isaaman
Camden New Journal 23 January 2003

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