10 February 2008

Edward Hind (1817–72), Forgotten Nottingham Poet

With the exceptions of Lord Byron (whose stay in Nottinghamshire was relatively short) and D. H. Lawrence (who is of course principally known as a novelist), there are perhaps not, generally speaking, many well-known poets from Nottinghamshire, although Spencer T[imothy] Hall, William and Mary Howitt and (to a lesser extent) Robert Millhouse and Thomas Ragg are also mentioned on occasions. But there were in fact a very large number of Nottinghamshire poets, although Nottingham-born Edward Hind is almost never mentioned; he was, however, associated with the Sherwood poets along with Hall, who incidentally had some encouraging words to say about Hind. The above book, Ethel's Hope: A Dramatic Poem, (London: Longman, 1860 ), was printed by C. N. Wright of Nottingham.

Other writings by Hind include Poems (London, 1853), which has an Introduction by Spencer T. Hall, If a Man Die, Shall He Live Again? (Nottingham: S. E. Hackett, 1857), and My magazine: Being a Series of Poems, Tales, Sketches, Essays, Orations, Etc. (Nottingham: J. and H. Clarke, 1860).

Edward Hind is mentioned in William Howie Wylie's Old and New Nottingham (London, 1853), and was buried in St Mary's churchyard, Nottingham.

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