19 September 2019

Jacques Prévert's house in Omonville-la-Petite, Manche (50)

Jacques Prévert (1900-77) bought a house in Le Val, a hamlet of Omonville-la-Petite, in La Hague, a peninsula of the Cotentin peninsula, in 1971. He died there in 1977 of lung cancer: he smoked three packets of cigarettes a day.

The house is now a museum to Prévert, this room being his atelier.

In this room is a photo of Prévert outside his house with his wife Simone.

The panelling of the master bedroom.

The guest room is now lined with Prévert's collages, this being an example of one to painter and poet André Virel (1920-2000).

In the garden is giant rhubarb. In the atelier is a photo of Prévert in front of the rhubarb.

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