5 March 2018

The Cairns at Saint-Denis-d'Oléron (17), Île d'Oléron (17), Charente-Maritime (17)

Until less than a few years ago – perhaps originally due to a number of schoolchildren on a bus trip – many sculptural cairns created from stones and pebbles emerged not far from the Phare de Chassiron (lighthouse) at the tip of L'Île d'Oléron. They became a great attraction, being mentioned in various 'unknown Charente-Maritime' publications, shown on YouTube clips, etc. Sadly, the local council decreed that they were causing erosion, were a danger, blablabla, and these ephemeral sculptures no longer exist: the shoreline at Saint-Denis-d'Oléron is lovely to see, but its heart has been removed. Bullshit, not the people's art, endures.

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