28 May 2016

Tim Bobbin in Urmston, Trafford, Greater Manchester

The Tim Bobbin pub, Flixton Road, Urmston, Trafford, Greater Manchester, named after the writer and caricaturist John Collier (1708–86).

Inside the pub, apart from unfortunate reflections of windows and myself:
'Tim Bobbin

This J. D. Wetherspoon pub takes its name from Urmston's very own poet
John Collier, alias Tim Bobbin. Collier was born in 1708, one of nine children
of a teacher and curate, in a cottage opposite Urmston Hall. He came to
national notice in 1746, with his best-known book, Tummus and Meary,
which was hailed as a classic. However, his concentration on writing in
dialect largely confined appreciation of his work to the North West.'

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