20 June 2014

William Cullen Bryant, Cummington, MA

William Cullen Bryant (1794–1878) was not only a famous poet but also the editor and publisher of the New York Evening Post for 50 years. His maternal grandfather Ebenezer Snell built this home in 1783, and Bryant spent his childhood and adolescence here. Bryant re-bought the property (which had been sold in 1835) in 1865 and made extensive alterations that essentially transformed it into a Victorian house. It was his summer home until his death.

The red barn is a distinctive feature of the property.

The Bryant Cemetery is a short distance away. Bryant himself was buried in Roslyn, New York, although his closest relative who lies here is his father, Dr Peter Bryant:

'Peter Bryant,
studious and skillful
Physician and Surgeon
and for sometime a member
of the State Senate.
Born at North Bridgwater
August 12, 1767.
Died March 19, 1820.'

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