12 June 2013

Lost Plots with Rowena Edlin-White and Tony Shaw

It did occur to me that 'Cemetry [sic] Gates: Keats and Yeats Are on Your Side' would also have made a good title for this, but then not everyone would have recognised the reference to the Smiths' song, and anyway of what relevance to Nottingham are Morrissey's (partly tongue-in-cheek) reminiscences of walks around Manchester Southern Cemetery?

I digress. This announcement, then, I've copied from the booklet advertising this year's Lowdham Book Festival: with Rowena Edlin-White, I'll be taking a short walk around the literary features of Nottingham General Cemetery, giving potted biographies and snippets from the works of writers buried there. Ann Gilbert (aka Ann Taylor), Robert Millhouse and Henry Hogg are already mentioned above, but the list also includes Ruth Bryan, Annie Matheson, Josiah Gilbert, Charles Bell Taylor, Robert Goodacre, Anthony Hervey, Sarah Ann Agnes Turk and (indirectly) James Prior, whose parents lie here. And of course it would be churlish not to mention, in passing, the 'Old General' Benjamin Mayo – he probably couldn't even read, but at least he sold the writings of other people.

Friday 28 June at 10:30 and 2:30 then, tickets £3, and pre-booking essential. Should be very interesting, and if anyone can tell me where Samuel Cox's grave – or, for that matter, tell me where any other writer's grave is in the cemetery – I'd be very pleased to know.

OK, I can't resist the link:
The Smiths: Cemetry [sic] Gates

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