13 January 2013

Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar, and no Q for another pub

This is a timewarp very far removed from St Pancras. They have a good selection of cask beers, but as I was driving I had a coffee, which was large and came on a tray with a jug of milk: a bargain at £1.50.
'This Victorian Buffet Bar is unique
and is authentic in detail since
being rebuilt in 1885.
Unveiled by Councillor Eileen Shorrock
on 16th July 1994.'
One of the four rooms.
And a few yards down the road is another pub with a blue plaque.
'The Q Inn
The public house with the shortest name
in the United Kingdom.
Certified by the
Guiness Book of Records 1995
Unveiled by Councillor
J. Alan Whitehead
Mayor of Tameside
30th May 1995'
Unfortunately, the pub has now closed down.


Craig Maiden said...

The Q Inn has reopened now.

Craig Maiden said...

The Q Inn has since reopened.