13 June 2012

The Double Helix: Francis Crick in Northampton, England

Abington Street, Northampton. The Sir Francis Crick sculpture was a joint venture between the artist Lucy Glendinning and m-tec.

'Francis Crick.

One of the greatest British scientists of the 20th century.

Born in Weston Favell Northampton and educated at Northampton Grammar School, Crick became involved in scientific research at Cambridge university where he unlocked the secret of life[:] the double helix structure of DNA. 

He later moved to California to study the human brain and consciousness in the field of neuroscience at the Salk Institute. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962 and the Order of Merit in1991.

                                                                                December 2005'

I find it a little surprising that there's no mention of James D. Watson.

The sculpture is over eight yards high and the figures are life-size.

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Looks AngelesTrying To Fly