13 September 2011

'No Bunga-Bunga please, this is my Granny!', by Robert Hughes

The guy on the right bears a distressing resemblance to Italy's Signor Berlusconi, but this is not Silvio unless he steps into a Tardis and sheds 50 years. So who is he?

Second from left is my grandmother May Duncan Britton née McCallum (1891-1978). As we noted in another article, Maisie was not above a little reverence of celebrities, despite her lifelong Socialism, and this photo was lovingly preserved in her collection.

Anyway, I can't imagine much Bunga-Bunga with scantily clad females here: take a look at the lady on the left, she is dressed as if the central heating has broken down and it's December. Interestingly enough, the girl second from the right is more image-conscious and although probably freezing is going through the motions.

Does anyone have a notion who these people are?

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