20 May 2010

Marguerite Duras and Royan, Charente-Maritime (17), France

Originally, I posted a very bad shot of Royan seen in the distance from the ferry from La Pointe de Graves (Le Verdon) at the peak of the Médoc peninsula, but this is a much better one taken from Royan itself, and Anne (mentioned below), used to live in a grand house toward the end of La Grande Conche, as shown here almost in its entirety.

Perhaps the principal significance of Royan here is that it is where the whole of Marguerite Duras's Moderato Cantabile takes place, which is the story of Anne Desbaresdes, a woman married to a factory owner who, while her unnamed son has music lessons, goes to a café to talk to the unemployed Chauvin - who used to work in the same factory - about a crime of passion committed in that café. This unlikely alliance has a strange sexual quality - in fact the whole book is very odd, and very interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Então fascinante este espaço parece muito desenvolvido.........Boa pinta :/
Gostei muito Continua assim !!