6 March 2008

Karl Wood's Windmill Paintings – and More – Now Online

Lincolnshire County Council has now put its Karl Wood paintings online. Along with Wood's representations of British windmills – many of which were completed on his windmill cycling tours – there are many general architectural features of Lincolnshire, his adopted county. Karl Salsbury Wood was born in 1888 in Kings Newton, Derbyshire. After spending several years in Nottingham, Wood moved to Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, after serving with the Third Seaforth Highlanders in World War II. It was in Gainsborough that he made his reputation as a painter, and where he stayed until his imprisonment for 'gross indecency' (homosexuality) in Lincoln Prison in 1951. On his release, Wood retired to Pluscarden Abbey near Forres in Moray, where he became an oblate, and where he died in 1958.

In all, there are 2505 images of Wood's paintings online.


baldeagle1967 said...

On the way to work one morning several weeks ago i heard on lincolnshire radio a spoken biography of Karl Wood and his windmills, I made a mental note to look him up(if i remembered )next time i was online.Eventually i did remember and started looking ,living in North East Lincolnshire you wouldn`t think that a hard task, but i was wrong. After half an hour searching i found your site and the first paragraph confirmed i had found the right man. Thanks

mumchuckles said...

Hi my name is Wendi I come from New Zealand I was given an Old Watercolour of a Windmill signed by Karl Salsbury Wood. I was wondering if it is worth much and would it be saleable. many thanks for any interest or aadvice on this .

mumchuckles said...

Sorry I forgot to put an email address it is mumchuckles@kol.co.nz